i-Jingle PRO Autoplay, miniplayer and volume control main screen

Autoplay, miniplayer and volume control

Autoplay, miniplayer and volume control

This installment of the i-Jingle PRO user manual will tackle a few of the extra features available in the PRO version. The main focus will be on autoplay, miniplayer and volume control.


One of the new function that is new and available in the PRO version is autoplay. This new feature is useful, since, it allows the playing of a track-list continuously, without having to intervene manually.

By sliding the header upwards the category presets will be revealed. You will be able to notice three additional icons:

Autoplay icon explanation

  • A lock icon – if swiped to the right it turns orange, meaning that the “lock” setting is on. It does not permit the moving and arranging of the main screen columns
  • A play icon –if swiped to the right it turns orange, as the lock icon, activating so the “autoplay” function. It means that for the selected column/preset, all tracks will be played in a row. Once “autoplay” is active a small circle will be noticeable above the first track of the column.
  • The sprocket icon – when tapped on, it turns orange and a drop down menu appears. Here you can select the autoplay settings:

i-Jingle PRO autoplay, miniplayer and volume control autoplay settings screen

  • Repeat entire column – when the last song on the column is played, it will start automatically from the top once again
  • Repeat from the first played – any song selected from the column will act as the first song; hence all songs will be played starting with that one. At the end of the column the first song to be played once again will be the one selected initially.
  • No repeat – all songs from the column will be played, yet they will not be repeated after the set has ended

The i-Jingle columns and miniplayer

i-Jingle PRO autoplau, miniplayer and volume control column view

To be able to fully understand the autoplay, miniplayer and volume control features, it is necessary to have a full grasp of the columns section of i-jingle PRO. Apart from the upper menu, which contains all the elements explained in the previous chapters (2nd touch, transitions etc.), i-Jingle contains 5 interchangeable columns where you can add tracks and jingles in 3 presets/column./

One preset can hold up to 20 tracks or jingles, hence you may add a total of 60/columns. The main difference from i-jingle 2.0 is the fact that all presets are unlocked and can be used. Additionally, on top of the column a speaker icon and a percentage can be noticed. This refers to the volume of the entire column, meaning that all the tracks are played at x%. The volume of each track separately can be adjusted. This feature will be explained in a further section of this guide.

Each track or jingle in a preset on a column is a miniplayer in itself.


Upon a closer look one can see that a miniplayer holds the:
i-jingle miniplayer with active ducking, looping, autocue, dropbox

  • Title of the jingle or track
  • Current time and total time
  • An icon with the source of the track (media library, Dropbox, i-jingle music shop, Webcaster playlist, Webcaster recording)
  • Status of the track – ready, playing, paused, fading in or fading out
  • The ducking or looping icon
  • A progress bar and in the case of looping the start and end markers

Volume control using the miniplayer

Volume control will be addressed at a later stage of this manual, however it needs to be mentioned that it can also be accessed from the main screen. Swipe your track upwards with two fingers. The volume control will look similarly to the one in the advanced settings segment.

Volume control from the mini player, upwards slided

  • The pan dial – alternates the intensity of the volume on the right side or on the left side. Usually used for stereo balance when headphones are plugged into the device.
  • The volume dial – it works similarly as the volume bar in the advanced settings section, having the possibility to increase or decrease gain between 0-200%. This dial applies to the current song in terms of altering the volume.
  • Fader bar – is applicable to the entire column. The volume can be altered between 0-125%, the changes being visible in the right corner of the column. By the double tapping the fader, the volume will automatically jump to 100%.

We hope you enjoyed this chapter, dealing with the autoplay, miniplayer and volume control features. If these nifty tools convinced you to go pro, click here and get the app on your device. The next chapter will be tackling the settings page. Stay tuned!

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