Backup, Jingle shop, Dropbox & Music importer

Backup, Jingle shop, Dropbox & Music importer

Welcome back! This chapter will cover Backup, Jingle shop, Dropbox & Music importer. Stick around and find out all the in’s and out’s of these features.


i-Jingle PRO backup page

The settings section of the application gives you the possibility to safely backup your work and files. By tapping on the cloud icon, underneath the “Help” section, you’ll be lead to the backup management system. Here you have two options:

  • Backup now – will save all your columns, presets and files. Once you tap this feature, the system will inquire if you wish to back up your work (cloud), giving you the chance to exit the window in case no backup action should take place. Upon tapping “backup” another window will let you know that your work and files have been successfully saved. The average time needed for a backup is about 3 seconds + file upload.
  • Restore now – In the event of a crash or change of device, the app allows you to restore your work to the new (or old) device. Tapping “restore now” opens a window, where you are asked if you wish to restore your data or cancel. Once the data has been restored, the system will let you know that your files can be now found in the app.

We advise to back up your files/work after a major change on the app (adding of tracks, creation of categories/presets). In this manner you are assured that all of your work is recoverable with just a few taps.

Jingle Shop

i-Jingle PRO jingle shop back-end image

In the settings section of the i-Jingle application you are able to perform purchases of jingles through the jingle shop. Tap on the shopping cart and two columns open up.

  • First column shows you the different genres of jingles you can purchase. Here you also have the Purchased category, which shows you all of the jingles you have already bought. Next to every genre you have the total number of available jingles.
  • The second column contains the jingles, the price and the buy feature. Every jingle can be previewed, so you’ll know what you are buying. Buying the selected jingle will lead you to the login page, where you have to sign into your itunes or Google Play account. From there onward you can go through with the purchase. All purchases will be saved in the Trunk, where you will be able to see them and assign them to another category

Dropbox Importer

The Backup, Jingle shop, Dropbox & Music importer chapter, brings you the feature that is not available in the 2.0. version, the Dropbox importer.

i-Jingle PRO Dropbox importer backend image

I-Jingle PRO gives you the possibility to import your files from your Dropbox directly to the app. Tap the Dropbox icon above the music note icon and another window will open up, revealing the DropboxImporter. The window will have the default Dropbox sign in page. To be able to access your account, just use your Dropbox credentials (e-mail and password).

Once you have signed into your Dropbox account your files will be visible. On the right side, at the top, you’ll be able to see 5 icons:

i-Jingle PRO Dropbox icons explained

  • Sign out – you can log out of Dropbox by tapping this icon
  • Select all icon – Selects all tracks
  • Deselect – deselects all the tracks that have been previously selected
  • Refresh – refreshes the Dropbox library
  • Cancel – closing of the DropboxImporter window

Once you have selected the tracks you wish to have in the Trunk tap Import at the bottom of the window. The selected tracks will begin the import, their status visible on screen. At the end of the import at the right hand side a window will open to show you the summary of your import. Tap Done to close this window.

Music import

i-Jingle PRO android music importer screen
i-Jingle PRO iOS music importer screen

By tapping the music icon at the bottom of the settings page you can import your music to i-jingle.
Your files will not be copied from your local library; they will be only available as a virtual reference. In the library you select the tracks you wish to have on your device. Tapping done will bring you back to the app, where you’ll find a summary of the tracks you have uploaded to the app. A “summary” window will appear in the upper right corner with the names of the tracks.

We hope you enjoyed Backup, Jingle shop, Dropbox & Music importer and you found it useful. Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below. In case you have not switch to PRO yet, you can do it by visiting the iJingle website.

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