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Webcaster – The front end timeline

Webcaster - The front end timeline

Welcome to the final chapter of the Webcaster user manual. So far the elements of the back-end have been covered, leaving the front end of the app at the end. This installment, Webcaster – The front end timeline, will reveal to you the main screen elements. Enjoy! Front End Webcaster timeline On the front end…

Webcaster – Editing event elements

Webcaster – Editing event elements

Welcome back to the third chapter of the Webcaster manual. We hope the previous two chapter have shed some light on the basic functionalities of this podcasting app. In the previous chapter we showed you the three types of events available on the app, events that can be added to the main grid. Read, Webcaster…

Webcaster – Basic elements

Webcaster - Basic elements

Welcome back to the second chapter of this four part series. Webcaster – Basic elements, will give a taste of the essential functionalities of Webcaster. The main differences will be highlighted here and will help you become a podcasting rockstar! Webcaster – Basic elements As mentioned earlier, to be able to access the Webcaster features,…

Welcome to the Webcaster step by step user guide

Webcaster step by step manual

Welcome to the Webcaster step by step user guide! If you’re reading this, we must congratulate you on your choice! You know own the most powerful app for your podcasting experience! What is Webcaster? Webcaster is the i-Jingle flagship and the most comprehensive app so far. It is a jingle player + +, allowing the…