i-Jingle PRO getting started and main screen basics screen

Getting started and Main screen basics

Getting started

You have successfully downloaded and installed i-Jingle PRO on your device and it’s time to “take it for a spin”! Upon opening of the app, the first thing visible are the banners containing the information of other products in the i-Jingle family, such as Webcaster, but also the newest features available in the PRO version.

The main screen basics

i-jingle feature Legend

The clean home screen of i-jingle PRO is designed in such a way that permit easy access to the tools needed for the creation of a playlist/show. Below you have the icons/features, the main screen basics, visible on the home screen outlined and explained in detail.

i-Jingle PRO header

  • i-Jingle PRO playlist iconPlaylists – this feature is designed and available only in Webcaster
  • i-Jingle PRO stop all icon Stop all – Enables the halting of all the actions active in the app in that moment
  • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements main clock iconMain clock – shows the remaining time of a track or playlist
  • 1st block setting – The 2nd touch settings – It contains the extra features that are accessible if the pre-working player is pressed a second time
  • i-Jingle PRO repeat iconRepeat – Starts the song/jingle all over again
  • i-Jingle PRO 2nd touch fade out iconFade out – gradual decrease of the last part of a track; stops the player afterwards
  • i-jingle PRO stop and rewind iconStop and rewind– the playlist/music is stopped in the second touch block
  • i-Jingle PRO pause iconPause – halts the track that is currently being played
  • 2nd block – Transitions – inter-player transitions
  • i-Jingle PRO none settings icon None setting – player 2 and player 1 are working simultaneous (a maximum of 8 tracks can be played)
  • i-Jingle PRO  hard transition iconHard transition – 1st player is being stopped and the 2nd one is started
  • i-Jingle PRO  cross fade iconCross fade – Fade out player 1; fade in player 2
  • i-Jingle PRO fade out iconFade out – fade out player 1; start player 2
  • In the transitions part of i-Jingle you have the possibility to long press cross fade, fade out and fade out from the 2nd touch settings to be able to set the global fade time. In this case the fade out, but also the fade in time can range from 0.5 seconds up to 5 seconds with a progression of 0.5 seconds.
  • i-Jingle PRO search iconSearch – allows you to look for a jingle or track. Typing the name of a track will reveal its location (column and preset). The grayed out song shows that the song exists in another category, not in trunk, but not in a preset.
  • i-Jingle PRO settings iconSettings page – this tab allows the adjustments to some of the main features of i-Jingle

Clock header

Long pressing the clock header will reveal the clock settings

Image with description of the four main clocks

  • Clock 1 – Studio clock, which shows the current time
  • Clock 2 – Top of the hour, which reveals the time remaining until an exact time (eg. 40 minutes until 4 PM)
  • Clock 3 – Countdown timer, which allows the setting of a timer
  • Clock 4 – Measures the time from the first played jingle. With one tap you can reset that clock

Now that the main screen basics have been covered, it’s time to take a closer look at the differences between i-Jingle 2.0. and i-Jingle PRO. If you don’t have i-Jingle on your device, visit our website and get the app. Stay tuned, more to come.

Need to ask us a question? Encounter a problem with your version of i-Jingle? Write to us and let us know what happened. We’ll assist you in any way we can. Submit a ticket