i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements new screen view

i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements

Welcome back to the i-Jingle 2.0 user manual. In this chapter the i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements will be covered, allowing the user to familiarize itself with the home screen and all of the available features.

Getting started

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the application onto your iPad or tablet you can begin using i-Jingle 2.0. effortlessly.
Open the application and you’ll be greeted by the i-jingle banners, giving you a first glance of the features available in the 2.0. version, but also the features you can benefit from if you upgrade to i-jingle PRO.

Legend – i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements

The minimalistic home screen gives you access to all of the tools you always wanted to be able to play your jingles with ease. Below you will find the home screen legend for i-Jingle 2.0, each of them explained in depth.

i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements main header overview

  • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements playlist iconPlaylists – is a feature only active in Webcaster
  • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements stop all iconStop all – Stops all actions that are taking place in the app at that moment
  • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements main clock iconMain clock – Displays the time remaining of the currently playing track/playlist.

i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements 2nd touch header icon

  • 1st block setting – The 2nd touch settings. – It shows all the extra features that can be accessed if you press a player a second time, which is already playing.
  • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements repeat iconRepeat – Starts the song/jingle all over again
  • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements fade-out iconFade out – gradual decrease of the last part of a track; stops the player afterwards
  • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements stop and rewind iconStop and rewind – stops the playing track
  • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements pause iconPause – halts the track that is currently being played
  • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements transitions header icon

    • 2nd block – Transitions – inter-player transitions
    • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements none iconNone setting – the 2nd player and 1st player are working simultaneously (a maximum of 8 tracks can be played)
    • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements hard transition iconHard transition – The 1st player is being stopped and the 2nd one is started
    • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements cross fade iconCross fade – Fade out 1st player; fade in 2nd player
    • i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements fade out iconFade out – fade out 1st player; start 2nd player

    In the transitions part of i-Jingle you have the possibility to long press cross fade, fade out and fade out from the 2nd touch settings to be able to set the global fade time. In this case the fade out, but also the fade in time can range from 0.5 seconds up to 5 seconds with a progression of 0.5 seconds.

    i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements search-setting header

    • Search – the search function is available only in i-Jingle PRO and Webcaster
    • Settings page – this tab allows the adjustments of some of the main features of i-Jingle

    Clock header

    Long pressing the clock header will reveal the clock settings
    i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements clocks header

    • Clock 1 – Studio clock, which shows the current time
    • Clock 2 – Top of the hour, which reveals the time remaining until an exact time (eg. 40 minutes until 4 PM)
    • Clock 3 – Countdown timer, which allows the setting of a timer
    • Clock 4 – Measures the time from the first played jingle. With one tap you can reset this clock

    By sliding the header upwards the category presets will be revealed.

    The i-Jingle columns & mini player

    i-Jingle columns

    i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements new columns view

    Apart from the upper menu, which contains all the elements explained in the previous chapters (2nd touch, transitions etc.), i-Jingle contains 5 columns where you can add tracks and jingles in 3 presets/column. One preset can hold up to 20 tracks or jingles, hence you may add a total of 60/columns. The additional presets become unlocked if you’re running i-Jingle PRO. Each track or jingle in a preset on the column is a miniplayer.


    i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements new mini player view

    Upon a closer look one can see that a miniplayer contains the following elements:

    • Title of the jingle or track
    • Current time and total time
    • An icon with the source of the track (media library, Dropbox- available in the PRO version/Webcaster, Webcaster playlist, i-Jingle music shop, Webcaster recording)
    • Status of the track – ready, playing, paused, fading in or fading out
    • The ducking or looping icon (only available in the PRO version & Webcaster)
    • A progress bar and in case of looping the start and end markers

    Thank you for reading the i-Jingle 2.0 basic elements chapter of the i-Jingle user manual. We hope you found it useful. For any additional questions, feel free to drop a comment in the section below or get in touch with the i-Jingle team. If this chapter persuaded you to get i-Jingle 2.0 or go PRO, you can get it now from here.

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