i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page

i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page

i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page – categories, presets, help

Welcome back to the third installment of the i-Jingle 2.0 user manual. This chapter will deal with a part of the i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page. Tap the gear button on the right side of the app and it will lead you to the settings page, where you have a number of tabs.

In the footer from left to right one can see the following information:

  • Number of categories
  • Number of tracks/jingles that have been added so far to the app
  • Number of tracks/jingles purchased from the jingle shop

On the left side of the settings page you will find 7 icons:

  • i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page categories iconCategories
  • i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page presets iconPresets
  • i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page help iconHelp
  • i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page backup iconBack up
  • i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page jingle shop iconJingle Shop
  • i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page upgrade iconUpgrade
  • i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page music iconMusic


Once you press on the categories a two column menu opens up.

i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page categories overview

The first column displays the pre-existing categories – Trunk and Purchased, but also a “trash” and “+” icon, giving the user the possibility delete or add categories.
i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page: categories - add & delete

  • To delete a category, just press on the trash icon and delete the category you wish. The app will ask for confirmation that you wish to delete the category. Only empty categories can be deleted; Trunk and Purchased cannot be.
  • To add a category, tap the Plus icon located next to the trash icon. A small window will appear next to the “+” icon. Here you should choose the color and the name of your category (eg. Jingles). Upon completion press done and your category will appear underneath the Trunk and Purchased categories.
  • Categories can be added from the main screen, by sliding the top layer with the clock/settings upwards and revealing the presets (A, B, C). By long pressing a preset (only A available in i-Jingle 2.0), you will be taken to the settings page. One light tap will open a window, allowing the adding of categories (redirect to the settings section).
  • i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page main screen presets

  • Trunk – is the category where all the imported jingles and tracks are added. From there one can appoint the tracks to the newly created categories
  • Purchased – lists the tracks that have been purchased from the jingle shop

The second column of the categories section in settings shows the jingles and tracks available in a category. Upon importing, all of your tracks/jingles will be grouped in the Trunk category. From here on, you will be able to group your jingles/tracks according to the category.

i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page icons overview

  • Trash icon – gives the possibility of deleting a track or jingle
  • Window with check sign icon – allows the check or uncheck all function, enabling the moving or deleting of multiple tracks/jingles
  • Wrench icon – accommodates the reordering of tracks in a category (except in Trunk and Purchased)
  • + icon allows the moving of a track or jingle from one category to another

If you long tap a jingle it is possible to rename that track/jingle.


As mentioned above the home screen is provided with five columns all of them giving its user to opportunity to show 20 tracks. However, each column holds a total of three presets, each able to hold 20 tracks, hence totaling 60 tracks/column. For i-Jingle 2.0 for each column only one preset is available (A). To have access to the other presets, upgrade to i-Jingle PRO.
To set up your presets go the setting page where you tap on the “Presets” icon. Three columns will open up.

i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page presets overview

  • 1st column – Select a column:
  • The five player columns are listed in this section. Tap on one of the player columns to be able to select your preset.
  • 2nd column – Select a preset:
  • Tap the preset where you would like to add tracks to (only A available in the 2.0 version)
  • 3rd column – Select a category
  • Since you have already ordered your tracks in the “Category” step on this guide, arranging it via name and color, here you select the category you would like to add to your preset (eg. Red category –jingles)


i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page: Help overview screen

By tapping the Help/question mark icon in the settings page, a new window with a large player will greet you. Underneath it you have a bar with short videos that will assist you in learning the features of i-jingle.

We hope this chapter, i-Jingle 2.0: Settings page has been of use to you. For any additional questions, feel free to comment in the section bellow. Go to our website to download i-Jingle 2.0 in case you don’t have it yet, or go PRO!

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