i-jingle PRO Advanced Settings screen

i-Jingle PRO Advanced Settings

Welcome back to the i-Jingle user manual. This chapter will cover the advanced settings of the app.

The main differences from i-jingle 2.0 lay in the advanced settings section of the app. Here you are able to customize your tracks so they suit the show you are planning.
To reach the advanced settings page, long tap a track on your main screen.

In this section you will find a player with functions such as:

i-Jingle PRO advanced setting player snippet

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Repeat
  • Progress bar with the running time and total time of the track
  • Volume equalizers

On the left side of this window you will find the main features of i-jingle PRO:

  • i-Jingle PRO advanced settings volume control iconVolume control
  • i-Jingle PRO - Advanced settings ducking iconDucking
  • i-Jingle PRO Advanced settings looping iconLooping
  • i-Jingle PRO Advanced settings cue iconCue

Since volume control has been explained in an earlier chapter, it will be only briefly explained here. It is important to know that this feature is accessible from the front-end as well as from the back-end of the application, with its functionalities remain the same.

Volume control

i-Jingle PRO volume control back-end view

Volume control – allows you to adjust the volume of your track in such a way that it matches the overall volume of the playlist. The song in itself will be at 100%, half of the adjusting power of the volume control, yet it is adjustable between 0-200%.

We hope you enjoyed the i-Jingle PRO Advanced Settings chapter. In case of questions, feel free to comment in the section below and let us know if it was clear enough. We hope that at this point, you already went PRO, but if by any chance you didn’t, we have the perfect place where you can get it from. Just click here and visit our website. From there you can pick the perfect version for you, iOS or Android. Stay with us, since we have a few more chapters to go!

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