i-Jingle PRO: Cue

i-Jingle PRO: Cue

Welcome to the last installment of the i-Jingle PRO user manual. This chapter will focus on one of the new features brought to you by the PRO version: Cue. The i-Jingle PRO: Cue chapter focuses on the two variations of this function: manual and automated. Keep on reading and master this feature with ease.

Cue – allows you to determine the desired start point of a track/jingle and eliminate any silence that exists on the track. In the advanced settings window, after selecting the cue function you will be able to see two main bars, destined for the waveforms. Apart from that you can choose between autocue and manual cue.

i-Jingle PRO: Autocue back-end view

Autocue – By pressing the “autocue” icon next to the empty bar, the app will analyze the waveform of the selected song and find pre-existing silent moment in the song. Below the main bar with the waveform of the song you will be able to see the total time of the track but also the amount of silence present on the track.

i-Jingle PRO: Cue back-end view

Manual cue – works similarly to autocue, in the sense that the app indicates the points where silence is located; however it gives you the possibility to manually adjust the cue in and cue out point. For fine tuning, underneath the second wave bar, you will spot the cue in and cue out tools. The “-“ and “+” icons allow you to adjust the cue in and cue out point 0.1 seconds by 0.1 seconds or 0.01 seconds by 0.01 seconds.

i-Jingle PRO: Cue represents the last chapter of the i-Jingle PRO manual. For questions and comments, we invite you to write to us in the comments sections. In case you have been waiting until the end of this manual in deciding to go PRO, you have the chance to upgrade, by visiting the i-Jingle website. Choose you device, upgrade and entertain effortlessly!

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