i-Jingle PRO Ducking screen

i-Jingle PRO: Ducking

Welcome back to the i-Jingle PRO user manual. The i-Jingle PRO: Ducking chapter will cover this features in great detail, allowing the use of it, effortlessly.

Ducking – is an effect that reduces the volume of a track by the playing of another one. It is a form of compression. This feature is used for transitions between songs, one song ducking under the secondly selected song.
i-Jingle PRO ducking back-end screen

In the advanced settings section, when tapping on the ducking icon, three columns will open up.

  • First column displays 10 active sound ducking presets.
  • The second column is the second ducking preset (10) that can be modified in the third column.
  • The third column contains the ducking modification settings:
  • Ducking volume – it allows control of the volume over the ducked track. It tempers with the amount of drop in volume.
  • Fade down time – you can modify how fast the volume of the already playing jingle will drop when a ducking enabled jingle is started. Ratio varies between 0 and 2 seconds. If the value is set at 0, the decrease of volume is instant, while at 2, the drop is progressive.
  • Fade up time – is the reverse of the fade down time, meaning the speed of the ducked jingle will go back up to the original setting after the ducking enabled jingle has stopped playing.
  • Exit position – The original song starts to fade back, relative to the end of the track playing above it.(eg. If we have -2, it means that 2 seconds before the overlaying track ends, the original one will start to fade back up.
  • Ignore Global Transition Settings – ducking is only able to function if this function is on, or the transitions section on the main screen has “none” active, otherwise two tracks cannot be played simultaneously.
  • We hope you enjoyed this chapter, i-Jingle PRO: Ducking, and found it useful. Feel free to comment in the section below. To be able to experience this feature, you need to purchase i-Jingle PRO and install it on your device. Get it now, on our website. The next installment of this guide will cover the additional advanced settings.

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