i-Jingle PRO: Looping

i-Jingle PRO: Looping

Welcome back to the i-Jingle PRO user manual. You are just a few chapters away from mastering the app and its PRO features. This chapters will deal with looping and by the end of it, you will be able to use this functionality with ease and like a pro. In case you haven’t upgraded to PRO yet, you can do that now by visiting the i-Jingle Website.

Looping – allows that a section of a song can be played repeatedly. The mini player will show you the looping points after you made the necessary changes. The Looping window in the advanced settings section will show these elements:
i-Jingle PRO: Looping back-end view

  • A switch for turning the feature on and off
  • Start point – allows you to manually glide the song to the point where you want it to start looping from. You will be able to see the values in seconds. To set the cursor to the starting point, tap on the yellow arrow at the end of the end of the looping adjusting bar.
  • For a more exact start point you can use the smaller scale plus and minus icons. They will increase or decrease the time second by second.
  • The larger plus and minus icons allow a 0.1 and 0.01 seconds increase or decrease.
  • End point – you can manually adjust, by gliding, the end point of the loop. Similar to the start point the value will be displayed in seconds, adjustment being possible with the small scale and larger plus and minus icons. To set the cursor to the end point tap the red arrow at the end of the looping adjusting bar.

We hope that this chapter, i-Jingle PRO: Looping, has been useful. For any questions, please feel free to drop a comment at the end of this article. The i-Jingle team will provide you any additional information.

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