i-Jingle PRO getting started and main screen basics screen

Welcome to the i-Jingle PRO step by step user manual

i-Jingle PRO – Entertaining Effortlessly

Welcome to the i-Jingle PRO step by step user manual. The following posts will show you the in’s and out’s of how to use the most powerful jingle player and create the playlists and shows you already envisioned.

i-Jingle PRO is the natural progression of your jingle playing experience. After testing the waters with i-jingle 2.0, it was time for you to go PRO, get your hands on all the extra features and experience them properly.

Why i-Jingle PRO?

As mentioned earlier, i-jingle 2.0. is a great way to experience this app and all it has to offer, a gateway into a new an exciting world. However, it does have it’s limitations, not offering features that can help you make your work more refined. If you have reached that point, where you feel that 2.0. is not enough anymore, then it’s time to upgrade and try out a batch of nifty tools.

What are the extras in PRO?

i-Jingle integrates all the tools one can find in a professional broadcasting studio in a compact format. With PRO you will be able to use features such as:

  • i-Jingle PRO ducking iconDucking
  • i-Jingle PRO looping iconLooping
  • i-Jingle Pro cue iconAutocue
  • i-Jingle PRO volume control iconVolume Control
  • i-Jingle PRO autoplay iconAutoplay
  • i-Jingle PRO dropbox iconDropbox Integration

How to go PRO?

The i-Jingle Website

By visiting the i-Jingle Website, you will be able to download the app by pressing the orange button, present at the top right corner of the site. Pressing the button will lead you to the content table, on our site, where all of the PRO features are presented. Click on Apple, Android or Amazon icon to be lead to the designated store, where you can purchase it.

i-jingle available in Google Play, App store and i-Jingle Website

Directly from the App stores

You can search directly for i-jingle PRO in the app stores (iOS app store, Amazon App store or Google Play) and download it on your device directly.

Stick around and let us walk you through all of the steps to master i-Jingle PRO effortlessly!

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