Webcaster step by step manual

Welcome to the Webcaster step by step user guide

Welcome to the Webcaster step by step user guide!
If you’re reading this, we must congratulate you on your choice! You know own the most powerful app for your podcasting experience!

What is Webcaster?

Webcaster is the i-Jingle flagship and the most comprehensive app so far. It is a jingle player + +, allowing the creation of professional podcasts. Just as with any DAW software, the time line is empty when you start and items (audio and non-audio) need to be placed on 1 of the 3 available tracks on the time line before you can play or edit something. Creating or modifying a time line is done in the back-end.

How to get Webcaster?

Welcome to the Webcaster step by step user guide download

As with i-jingle, you can download Webcaster in several ways. The easiest way is to visit the Webcaster website or i-jingle site. If you would rather go directly to the iTunes store, worry not, the app is available there as well.

Getting started

In terms of layout, at first glance Webcaster is very similar to i-Jingle PRO. The main difference is the Playlist icon on the main screen, which allows the transition to the Webcaster functionalities. As for the rest of the non-Webcaster related functionalities, we invite you to go through the i-jingle PRO user manual for a comprehensive read on how to use that.

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