Have an exportable list of actions just a tap away. You’ll be able to let us know, more easily if things don’t run as smooth as you would like with your favorite app.


This feature will only be added if it reaches its goal

Activity Log – make sure that your i-Jingle runs smoothly

This feature will allow you, in the future, to keep track of all of your actions in i-Jingle. Now, you might ask yourself “why do I need that?”. The answer is pretty straight forward – you’ll be able to improve the app based on your need. In case of an error, you will be able to export your activity log and send it to us, the i-Jingle team. This in turn gives us a clear insight on what went wrong and how to fix it. Goodbye long periods of time, necessary for investigation and hello fast fixes.

We’re sure you are going to love this feature and it’s a must have for you. Want to make this reality? Contribute to our development effort and we will make sure you will never have to suffer from boring questions like “what were you doing/using exactly when the app encountered the error?”.

Budget indication: 840,00 Euro

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