Lyle Pinder

App crashes every time

“I’ve been having some issues with PRO crashing after loading in audio from iTunes. After load-in the app is perfect as always, but once I close the app and re-open it for another session the app crashes every time I play a cart. Has anyone else had this issue? If so how can I remedy this? I love the app, but I don’t love loading in audio in the middle of an airshift.”
Lyle Pinder, New York, NY, United States

Response from Stevan Speheger – iJingle user

“I had a similar, but not exact, issue with crashing upon re-open. It’s apparently a bug with the new release. My workaround from technical support was to repurpose the top right hand clock on the main page to “studio time”. Just long press the clock and select the purpose from the drop-down. I hope this works for you.”

Ticket status: Solved

Customer rating: Good, Satisfied