Stay on your toes with the customer markers. We’ll eliminate the stress of not knowing when it’s go time for your show for instance.


This feature will only be added if it reaches its goal

Custom marker(s) on the music players

Dear i-Jingle user,
We know you’re a PRO when it comes to this app. We also would like to make your work more fluent and lend a helping hand when it comes to creating the perfect show. The i-Jingle team presents you the custom marker in your mini player. What does that mean? Well, pretty easy actually.

We will build in, a line on your timeline that will let you know it’s go time for the talking bit, for instance. In this way you will be on your toes and will also have sufficient time to get your material in order. Don’t worry, it’s not just one marker, but several that you will be able to name as you wish and color code as well. In this way, you’ll always be on top of your game.

Doesn’t this sound neat? Well, if you agree with us, give us a hand with a contribution. A donation on your end will get things rolling on our end.

Budget indication: 1.040,00 Euro

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