A lock screen feature that will prevent accidental taps when you’re in the middle of your show.


This feature will only be added if it reaches its goal

Lock main screen

I’m pretty sure you all had that unfortunate mishap when you’re show was kicking ass and you long tapped something accidentally on your device. Your awesome show, now done from your main screen, you cursed all seven hells and wished for an awesome feature that could prevent such accidents.

If you’re tired of accidental long taps, we have the solution for you. We can build into the most powerful jingle player out there the lock main screen functionality.

We’re giving you the possibility to lock the main screen in such a way, that the long tap of a music player does not open the advanced setting.

Can’t live without this feature? Come on board and help us out. Contribute and we’ll make this feature a reality!

Budget indication: 400,00 Euro

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