Loving a jingle so much that you cannot stop listening to it. We’ll give you a counter to know how much you really love that jingle.


This feature will only be added if it reaches its goal

Music player counters

There is one track or jingle to rule them all. You know what we’re talking about. In every playlist there is a track or set of tracks that are the absolute favorites. We know you will want the world to know your favorite track, but wouldn’t it be nice to know how many times it has been played?

Worry not, there is a nifty new feature in store for you.

Introducing the music player counter. Drum roll please, we know you’ll love this. The genius minds at i-jingle have come up with a small counter, on each music player, that allows you to find out how many times that particular jingle or track has been played.

You think it’s not accurate anymore? Tap on back to the settings screen and reset the counter.

Developing this awesome feature takes time and hard earned cash. Contribute and help us make this functionality a reality.

A small counter showing on each music player how many times that particular jingle has been played. The counters can be reset from the setting screen.

Budget indication: 800,00 Euro

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