Stevan Speheger

Percentage numbers

I’m liking iJingle Pro more and more as I continue to use and explore it.

I do have two new questions. At the top of each preset column, there is a small percent number. I’m assuming that it may be an overall volume for that column, but I’m not sure. Just what does it represent and how is it accessed?Secondly, the tutorial for volume control recommends that higher volume clips be reduced, but my volume control only provides for volume increase. Keep up the good work. You’re making this app better and better with each upgrade. Add the ability to mix in the microphone input, and you’ll have a complete hand held radio station.
Stevan Speheger, Gateway, FL, United States

Response from Herman van der Veen – Creative mastermind

“Hi Stevan, The percentage is indeed the volume level for the column based on the position of the fader. You can access that fader by swiping up 1 jingle with 2 fingers. Now you’ll see the fader with on top the jingle you selected. A bit like a mixing board with a start button. The volume control that you access by long pressing a jingle starts at the middle, allows you to alter the sound up or down. This volume control influences the gain control (on top of the fader next to panning) that you see when double swiping a jingle. Play around a bit with it and it should become clear what does what regarding the volume levels.”