The i-Jingle features you love, more compact and user friendly.


This feature will only be added if it reaches its goal

Re-vamping your music player

Jingles and tracks are the key to an awesome playlist or show. You, our i-jingle fans and users, have asked us time and time again to give you more room for tracks.

The time has come for that! The i-Jingle team can build it for you. By creating a smaller version of the music player – basically we’re going to slice it in half – you’ll get the additional tracks you always wanted. We will keep the most vital information there, ready to use, but with more players available in a column.

The professional look and feel, now more efficient and catered to your need.

This must have feature is just a click away. Contribute and the i-Jingle team will build it for you.

Budget indication: 880,00 Euro

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