Stevan Speheger

Scrolling player column issue

“I’m a new iJingle Pro user (iPad 3, IOS 8), and I’m finding it a little difficult to scroll through the presets on the main screen. It seems like a flicking motion is required, but if one isn’t very careful the initial touch can fire the jingle. A press and move can shift the columns to the left and right, but that combination doesn’t work to scroll up and down. Is there a way to fix this, or do I need to further hone my touch skills?”
Stevan Speheger, Gateway, FL, United States

Response from Herman van der Veen – Creative mastermind

“Hi Stevan, Are you referring to scrolling a player column up or down or something else? We know that there are a few iOS8 related issues that should be solved once our update get’s approved by Apple.”

Stevan Speheger

“Thanks for the quick response, Herman. Yes, it’s scrolling a player column up and down. I’ll eagerly but patiently wait for the update approval. I love the app, by the way. I’m working on developing a syndicated radio program featuring music from the 50s and 60s. The app restores the feel of doing live radio way back then.”

Ticket status: Solved

Customer rating: Good, Satisfied