Stevan Speheger

Small clocks across the top

“I’m curious about the four small clocks across the top of the main screen. The left one appears to be real time, the second one is counting down something(?), and the third and fourth ones are just sitting there. Can the second one be set, and are the last two functional? Thanks.”
Steven Speheger, Gateway, FL, United States

Response from Herman van der Veen – Creative mastermind

“All 4 clocks in the header can be individually set to show the current time, count the time from the moment a sound was played and count down to the top of the hour. Long press any of the clocks for the settings. These functions originate from live radio situations where you would like to know what time it is, how much time you have left until the top of the hour or how long you have been talking and playing jingles. Play around with these 4 clocks a bit and you’ll see how handy they can be.”

Steven Speheger

“These will be very handy in my application. Thanks! You folks are very responsive and customer oriented. I really appropriate your quick replies.”

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