Christof Arnold

Starting and ending point

“Hi there

I just downloaded iJingle and I’m playing around with it. I’ll use it during my announcing job at sports events. Understood the looping and the ducking so far. Now I’d like to know if there is a feature that you can set a starting point for a song to just play its chorus (and might even loop the chorus in addition) or another cool part without having to listen to the whole lame intro. Sorry, if I asked this question to early, meaning that I might haven’t seen it yet and bothering you guys with a stupid beginners question.”

But thanks for any help. Cheers, C.
Christof Arnold, Bern, Switzerland

Response from Lehel Medves – iOS Developer

“Hey Christof! No worries, your question is neither stupid nor beginner. Currently there is no way to set a start point to your song, however, in a couple of days the new update should be available for i-jingle PRO, which contains auto and manual cue. With this feature, you can set the manual starting point for each song. After you have a cue point for a song, you’ll be able to adjust the looping as well in such a way, that it loops the desired section. Please note, that the auto/manual cue point overrides the looping settings, meaning, that if the loop start is set to a smaller value, than the cue point, the loop will start where the cue point is.”

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