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Stuck at Work – Need a Break? Just 5 minutes of OfficeSpin will clear your mind.

OfficeSpin for iOS and Android is THE Social Multiplayer Physical Action Game. If you got a Smartphone or Tablet it won’t be long before you chant with us: spin, spin, dizzy, spin, puke and spin some more!

All you need is a rotating chair (those found in any office) and a free copy of OfficeSpin. Practice alone by trying the routines of the different cities on the map or go straight into multiplayer mode by hosting a duel or a battle with up to 4 colleagues at the same time. Gain credits by winning duels and battles or collect by accepting the daily challenge.

Share your OfficeSpin experiences by posting the automatically generated game play videos on Facebook or Twitter and try to reach the number 1 position in our popularity contest on the OfficeSpin website.

Try OfficeSpin NOW – it’s a bit weird but great fun!

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Office Spin Game

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