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Podcasting, effortlessly.

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Turn your iPad into a professional Podcaster

i-Jingle Webcaster turns your iPad into a professional podcasting studio. Whether you’re already a bona fide podcaster or just testing the waters, the i-Jingle Webcaster features mold themselves to your level of expertise and needs.

Jingles, voice recordings, music, interviews and tens of other smart features, all available on your iPad and ready to help you set up the show you have in mind.

Podcasting, effortless!

The technological crowning jewel

A step forward from what you’ve been used to with i-jingle Pro. Introducing a new playlist layer – your very own smart timeline.

A few taps on the main screen of your iPad allow a full overview of your podcast ingredients. Music, interviews, jingles, are just a finger touch away, ready to play automatically or manually, creating a professional sounding flow.

Your personal podcast editor

iJingle Webcaster presents the feature that allows you to pre-plan your podcasts intuitively and with ease, Arranger.

This nifty feature permits an accurate view of your show’s total run time while giving you the liberty to customize as you please by adding music, recordings and interviews.

It has never been easier to assemble your podcast! The Arranger is equipped with three grid lines, professional color coding, to help you distinguish the different files you can add, and adjust your events to the second with functions as Snap to Event or Snap to Grid. Mix up your show by moving parts of your podcast with Select to Move or move entire sections with the Move Magnet feature.

Edit like a PRO

iJingle Webcaster’s editing interface combines the professionalism of a sound editing studio and the simplicity found in iJingle PRO.

With a few simple taps you’ll be able to cut, delete, fade in and out or add Markers to your audio elements. iJingle Webcaster turns your iPad into a professional recording and editing studio.

Podcasting rock star!

Dreaming of becoming a podcasting rock star?
iJingle Webcaster, your “on the go” recording studio has it all:


Show planning

Map out your entire Podcast by adding audio bits such as promos, music beds and jingles. Then plan your presentation bits and interviews. A build in file and web browser allows you to attach URLs and documents to show elements that will appear on screen when you need them.


Voice recording

The built in recorder comes with a voice-tracking system and the possibility to add a recording of your voice in the segment of your choosing. The built in compression features make your voice stand out.


Podcast Creation

Record your presentations and interviews and fine tune them with a wide variety of arranger and editing tools to create the perfect Podcast, directly on your iPad. Export your show as a whole, ready to be uploaded to the world.


Live Podcasting

Load up iJingle with all your Podcast’s audio bits such as introductions, promos, jingles or music and play them back with the touch of a finger whenever you want, or plan your entire show ahead and have iJingle Webcaster take care of your timing by playing various show elements completely automatically.

The iJingle features plus many more that will turn you into a podcasting god!

Webcaster bar


With Autocue you no longer need to worry about jingles starting too slowly or at the wrong point. Use the automatic function to avoid white space at the start or pin point the play cue manually, anywhere in a track.

Dropbox Integration

Webcaster is cloud ready with the Dropbox file import feature. Link your Dropbox account to Webcaster with a single tap and start browsing your folders and files.

Audio Presets

Presets allow you to quickly switch between 3 categories for each jingle player column and have 300 jingles available at the touch of your finger.